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Occasionally, I’m asked what gives me my motivation to do this work. Where did I learn the values and beliefs that drive me every day to do more, to provide more? This Mother’s Day, I recognize my own mother and the amazing job she did instilling in me the attributes that have helped me lead Heightened Hearts. I want to say “thank you” to her for all that she provided – without the influence of her on my life, Heightened Hearts would not be the organization that it is today.

As a small child, I learned the struggle of daily hardship. I lost my father when I was very young, and my mother was left to care for me and my siblings with little support. We knew what it meant to have unmet needs, to watch as other families seemed to be doing so much better. But instead of being bitter, my mother never waned in providing kindness and generosity to others. Even when she was hungry, she would give others the food off her own plate. When she was cold, she would remove her own coat to give to a shivering child. She saw little value in personal satisfaction – her giving nature was what kept her soul fulfilled.

It is because of her that I find no end to my work, that I drive myself tirelessly to spread our message of ending injustice to anyone that will listen. It is because of her that I recognize my power to help those in need, and why I am never satisfied with what I have accomplished. She taught me that until I had nothing left to give, that the work of a heightened heart is never done. Well, I still have a lot to give. We still have so much work to finish.

Join US! Together WE Can Do More! <3

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