Trying to Survive with No Income and Three Children

Unemployed, no income family, three children

"When you have no one there for you, what would you do?"

Parents are involved in small farming few chickens and the goat, vegetables grown in there own garden and hardly enough for all year around. Father and mother part time involved in seasonal work in helping farmers. But in the winter there is no work, and money is not enough even for food and fuel. Without available jobs it is very difficult for people to maintain a house in a living condition.

The house is very old, the walls are cold, father of the family tried to insulate it using Plastik, the house needs insulation. The roof of the house is very old, with holes and cracks, leaks, requires major repairs.  Windows old frames are rotten and have holes right on the street, very cold as it is a single glass window, Glass is lost in some places. In order to replace the glass, it is necessary to change the whole frame, and because family canot offord that they covered with plastic that was ok for summer but will not keep warmth in winter time.

Needed replacement windows ASAP before winter starts. Entrance doors are very old and, non-insulated, do not close tightly and the cold wind goes directly to the house. the corners of the walls are covered with mold and must be treated as it is very bad for health.

The house has no indoor bathroom but rather they have very old outside bathroom with the hole that will fall apart any time soon and it is very cold in the winter and dangerous for kids to use such outhouse . Family do not have bathtub and no hot water in the house and they warming up water on the stove and washing themselves in the bowl. With the children living in the home it is very important to have hot water and the bathroom in the house a specially because of the four seasons. In the kitchen, there is no sewage system, no hot water, the kitchen is cold in the winter because it is located in entrance hall. The entrance hall in need of major repair and reconstruction. As a converted porch can be arranged and a small kitchen, and a bathroom with a toilet can be placed in that area if planed correctly.