Employment & Internships

Working with Heightened Hearts as an Employee or Intern

The Heightened Hearts Foundation is always looking for dedicated individuals to join our team, either as an employee or as part of an internship. If you possess the following qualities, a position with the Heightened Hearts Foundation might be the perfect fit for you:

  • Ambition.  Outstanding employees long to make good things happen, and they go to great lengths to achieve perfection.
  • Vision.  Exceptional Heightened Hearts employees should be able to recognize possibilities that remain hazy, opaque, or invisible to others.
  • Optimism.  Great employees view seemingly hopeless situations as issues waiting to be resolved.
  • Instinct.  A superb employee or intern at Heightened Hearts must be a self-starter —someone who trusts the good sense of their gut feelings and intuition.
  • Realism. Outstanding people maintain a sense of proportion with regard to their duties, concentrating on the work at hand rather than inflated, unrealistic dreams.
  • Consistency.  Consistency is a very important quality in a Heightened Hearts employee or intern — someone who follows through with his/her duties and is prepared to stick it out for the long-haul.
  • Humor.  Wonderful people tend to balance the seriousness of their duties with an ability to laugh at almost anything — including themselves.
  • Proactive. Outstanding people don’t hesitate to lend a hand or take action when needed.

Employment & Internships


Employment with Heightened Hearts: The employees (both current and future) at the Heightened Hearts Foundation aren’t just great for advancing our organization’s mission; they also experience enormous personal and professional growth.


Heightened Hearts Internship Program: Serving others through the Heightened Hearts Foundation will benefit you in ways that are truly meaningful. Through your work, there is the potential to learn needed skills in marketing, project management, and fundraising that can carry you through your professional career.