Teen Pregnancy Educational Program

Teen pregnancy, while a major problem in the United States, is an even more pressing dilemma in other parts of the world. To help adequately address this growing problem, the Heightened Hearts Foundation has initiated programs that begin first and foremost with education and prevention.

Decades of research has revealed that there are dozens of available programs that have proven effective in helping young people prevent unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Drawing on this information, the Heightened Hearts Foundation has instituted a teen pregnancy prevention program — a program that is essentially a conglomeration of proven programs, each designed to cut down on teen pregnancy and to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases, up to and including HIV and AIDS.

In most cases, the issues of teen pregnancy and childbearing are part of a much broader social picture, one that includes a number of social, economic, cultural, and psychological factors. These factors typically include poverty within the family, problems in school, neglect, and physical, psychological, or sexual abuse.

Another impetus that complicates the efforts of the Heightened Hearts Foundation’s Teen Pregnancy Educational program is that teen pregnancies are often caused by adult men. This can be very confusing, even traumatic for young girls; as a result, many of those affected are often ashamed to seek the proper medical care, fearing they will somehow be judged for their actions or condition.

The Heightened Hearts Foundation’s “teen pregnancy education” programs provide young people with accurate, honest information about both abstinence and contraception. Among the many effective methods addressed by our program are school-based sexual education programs, community-based pregnancy prevention programs, and clinic-based programs. Together, these far-reaching programs are very effective in that they reach a variety of audiences, including teenagers in every age range and across many different contexts and backgrounds, including minority youth.

The “teen pregnancy prevention” program offers adolescents a variety of tools and skills with which they can rely on to limit sexually risky behavior. The many topics our expert volunteers cover include: How to deal with and respond to sex in the media; available birth-control methods; sexually transmitted diseases and their causes; and, the many public resources available that focus primarily, if not exclusively, on the prevention of teenage pregnancy.

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