Spiritual Programs

The truth of God’s love serves as the inspiration for our work at the Heightened Hearts Foundation and also as a constant reminder of why we continue to do what we do. The financial support provided by our donors, as well as the prayers and partnerships of people just like you, allow us at the Heightened Hearts Foundation to address broken relationships, and relationships with God, each other, ourselves and creation.

The Heightened Hearts spiritual programs provide an opportunity for personal growth and spiritual transformation. These programs tend to focus on a particular story or theme from the Bible, with opportunities for insight and for reflection on concrete life applications.

The Heightened Hearts Foundation offers a variety of programs designed to assist people in applying God’s teaching to their everyday lives. Our spiritual programs will guide participants towards becoming more spiritually evolved human beings, people who are eager to put their faith into action.

The Heightened Hearts Foundation’s spiritual programs support not only the spiritual deepness of the person, but also a growing compassion for other participants and those outside of the program, enabling them to better connect to the world around them and create an environment in which people are not only called to act in the world, but actually eager to do so.

If you’d like to help make a difference by donating to our Spiritual Program or by volunteering, you can do so by clicking the links to our donation & volunteer forms below. Be sure to specify the program you wish your donation to benefit by writing it in the notes section of the donation.

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If you prefer giving in a more traditional method, simply send a note with your check indicating your intended purpose or write it in the “memo” section of your check or money order.

All cash/check donations should be made out to the “Heightened Hearts Foundation” and sent to the following address:

Heightened Hearts Foundation Inc.
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