The Heightened Hearts Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization who is absolutely dedicated to helping the world’s most poverty-stricken and disenfranchised citizens. Based in Miami Beach, Florida, the founders of the Heightened Hearts Foundation have seen firsthand how poverty, hunger, and the lack of opportunity can negatively impact a society and its people, and it is thus committed to ending the suffering these people face, wherever it may occur, both within the United States and internationally.

So what types of programs does the Heightened Hearts Foundation offer in its consistent and on-going pursuit to aid the world’s poor? Below is just a small sampling of the organization’s current programs and those it plans to offer in the near future.

Our Programs

Food box program

The Heightened Hearts Foundation’s “Food Box” program is designed to offer sustenance and nourishment to the world’s poorest individuals who consistently face issues of hunger and even starvation.

Adopt-A-Grandparent program

While most developed countries have programs and policies in place to assist their aging populations, seniors living in slightly less-developed regions of the world are nowhere near as lucky.

Back To School Children’s Baskets Program

The Heightened Hearts Foundation provides “Back-To-School” baskets to children in some of the world’s most poverty-stricken regions. These baskets, which contain all the basic learning supplies students need to succeed, help disadvantaged youth wherever they may happen to be, including right here in the United States.

Spiritual programs

The truth of God’s love serves as the inspiration for our work at the Heightened Hearts Foundation, and is also a constant reminder of why we continue to do what we do.

Teen pregnancy educational program

Teen pregnancy, while a major problem in the United States, is an even more pressing dilemma in other parts of the world.

Global Relief Centers Program

In today’s economic climate, there are millions of people around the world struggling towards self-reliance. The Global Relief Centers program is our first step to helping people achieve their dreams in an accessible, community-driven setting.