Helping Karakai Natalia, 79 years old

Karakai Natalia – (1937) 79 years old

"When you’re that close to dying, your outlook on life changes quite a bit."

 Natalia – (1937) 79 years old Lonely older lady who worked all her life on hard jobs, an invalid, a person who is trapped in a difficult situation. She lives as she does, because she has no family to care for her

How many of you have a grandparent living alone?  Quite a few I bet. We were devastated when we first learned about Natasha. Our first thoughts were of our own grandparent. Volunteers of Heightened Heart Foundation found this women through a social worker who goes to her twice a week and helps to bring some food from a store. The rest of the time this pure lady spends alone. Almost does not go out of the house because of a disability legs barely walk.

Natalia worked her entire life in very difficult conditions. When she couldn’t work, she felt abandoned. She doesn’t have any family and requires prescriptions medical care, and repairs on her home, which she can’t afford.

When we first met Natalia we noticed her home had no running water or electricity. She was essentially living in a fabricated cave only a cave would be more comfortable if not for the freezing weather. She doesn’t have any clothing to combat the cold and the temperature will drop to -30 Celsius vin the winter..

We are doing what we can to intervene but without assistance from those who can generously donate, the future looks very bleak. For Natalia to simply fetch water, she must get up and out of the house and walk to the well, which is going to be full of danger with her condition a specially in the winter. The things we throw away  would be more precious to her than words would ever describe. She is in great need of assistance.

We must do something about this! Lets show her that love exist and Let her know the final years she has were spent knowing someone did care.  The only question is….  Are you SomeBody? You can make a difference! Please make your tax deductible donation today by clicking “Donate Now” that red button on the left. Thank you!