Working Towards Hope for the Rekshe Family

Rekshe family

"When you’re that close to dying, your outlook on life changes quite a bit."

Julia and Nicholas Rekshe raising four children ages 16, 13, 10, and 6.  Julia looks for work every day and Nicholas works at farms nearby when they need extra labor, which is never often enough.  The money he earns barely feeds them, and leaves nothing to repair his home or improve their lives.

The children study on the floor because it’s the only available flat surface to spread their homework out on.  We met them after a few others we help pointed us in their direction. They participated in our June & August 2016 Food Basket program and our Back to School program, respectively.

During our family greeting, our volunteers and Foundation Ambassadors were greeted by the family with tremendous joy because of the indispensable assistance they began receiving from us.

If we were able to provide a bit of building supplies here, Nicholas would repair his home keeping the freezing weather out, bring running water in, and possibly find more work helping others with their home repair needs.

The children are just about out of clothes as the they’ve been passing them down from the oldest to youngest and now have outgrown them.  They are not the least bit prepared for the cold winter weather and need any kind of clothing we bring on our next visit.