“Improving lives with helping hearts” Tour Program

The “Improving Lives with Helping Hearts” Tour Program

The “Improving Lives with Helping Hearts” tour program is designed to help build relationships with the people and to encourage the local citizens to support and/or join the Heightened Hearts Worship Center – a non-denominational facility in which people can gather and support each other during these difficult times.

Those who choose this tour option will have the opportunity to support the center by engaging in light maintenance and minor construction projects, all while enjoying the majestic beauty of Central Ukraine.

The Heightened Hearts Foundation’s “Improving Lives with Helping Hearts” tour program offers volunteers a special opportunity to help the Ukrainian people in a meaningful and lasting way, and be treated to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. If this sounds like something for which you’d like to take advantage, below are the details regarding this program:

  • Missionary Contacts:

Andrey & Nataliya Ledikhov

  • Estimated Cost for this Amazing Opportunity:

$3,000 USD

  • Type of trip:

Construction, Community Outreach

  • Team Size:

8-10 Volunteers

The Heightened Hearts Foundation’s “Improving Lives with Helping Hearts” tour program will take you to the Poltava and Poltavskiy regions of Ukraine, where you’ll experience the very best the country has to offer and positively impact the less fortunate who desperately need your help.

As a member of the “Improving Lives with Helping Hearts” team you’ll work side by side with Andrey & Nataliya in a variety of different ways to exact positive change. Among the many activities you will have the opportunity to engage in include:

• Ministering to local citizens at their homes, workplaces and within the local community.

• Sharing the Word at home-based Bible schools

• Performing light maintenance and other local construction projects

As a member of this small group (8-10 people) of volunteers you’ll have the opportunity to engage in meaningful projects that the local Ukrainian people desperately need your help to accomplish. In terms of the construction needs, the Heightened Hearts Foundation is always looking for people with experience in:

• Drywall

• Painting

• Electrical Work

• Exterior Siding

• Roofing

And more…

In addition to these very important services, the Heightened Hearts team will spend valuable time building relationships with the local people, and encourage the surrounding communities to support and join the Heightened Hearts Worship Center.

By being a part of this crucial group—a group that helps to rebuild homes and dreams, you’ll be bringing much-needed hope to the hopeless and serve as a guiding light to those who currently only see darkness.

Although construction experience is definitely a plus for this tour, the Heightened Hearts Foundation will accept assistance from anyone and everyone who decides to help;

While at the Heightened Hearts base camp, you’ll receive both food and shelter, and have the opportunity to explore the countryside, and learn about the Ukrainian culture, customs, and traditions. Most of all, you’ll be lending a hand where a “helping hand” is desperately needed

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