Baranova Maragarita, a Single Mother in Need

Maragarita a single mother.

"When you’re that close to dying, your outlook on life changes quite a bit."

 Maragarita -26 years old  single mother.

6 years old daughter Alexandra and 4 years old Son Daniel

This is Rita.  7 months ago a series of misfortune found her.  Her mother died, she lost her job and struggles to feed her 2 kids, Sasha and Daniel.  What’s worse, there’s no jobs to be had.  She’s been bartering with neighbors simply to keep what little food she earns on the table. 

Before she lost her mom, she and her kids lived with her in a barely upright, home.  These were horrible living conditions but they had walls to protect them from the harsh winter.

They currently live in a space with horrible living conditions as well, and in desperate need of repairs. The front door barely closes, The walls are full of black mold witch is onother serious health risk!

Most windows are covered with plastic and those that have glass are riddled with holes.  This home is deteriorating as the result of a fire 16 years ago. The walls are bear and Windows are damaged. With a temperature  -30 degrees below in winter. This family could perish if we don’t find the means to fix their home.