Airline Miles

Airline Miles Gifts
The work of the Heightened Hearts Foundation takes our organization around the world, and your frequent flyer miles can help us “go the distance” to help those in need. Many people let their free miles go to waste, but now you can use your unused miles to help the staff of the Heightened Hearts Foundation reach out to needy people all over the globe. Many airline partners, including those listed below, afford their Loyalty Program members the option of donating their accrued miles to assist our staff and volunteers reach critical areas that desperately need our assistance.

United Airlines
Mileage Plus members can make donations to the Heightened Hearts Foundation through United Airline’s Mileage Plus charity program. The minimum mileage requirement for a donation is 1,000 miles. All donations can be made by simply visiting the Mileage Plus Service Center or by calling 1-800-421-4655.

Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines supports the Heightened Hearts Foundation by allowing its SkyMiles customers to donate their frequent flyer miles through Delta’s SkyWish program. Delta customers can donate miles through the Delta SkyWish website.

Thanks to generous people like you who donate their unused miles, the Heightened Hearts Foundation is able to fulfill its mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of life-threatening emergencies.

A Brief Note about Donating Airline Miles
If you would like to donate your frequent flyer miles to the Heightened Hearts Foundation, please contact your airline to inquire about its specific policies regarding the practice. Please note that the IRS recognizes the donation of airline miles or points as a gift from the airline to the charitable organization. Therefore, miles donated to the Heightened Hearts Foundation are not considered tax-deductible for the individual donor. For further information on this topic, consult IRS Publication 526 and/or your personal tax advisor.